Package Dart language with BBB Debian Image (Feature #113)

Added by Brian DeLacey over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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It would be great to have Dart included with the standard BBB Debian distribution. Some related work was mentioned in a Dart thread:

'Martin Kustermann' via Dart Misc <> Jun 3

We've started to build debian packages on our buildbots. You can find them here:

stable channel:
dev channel:

My current knowledge is that we build these inside a debian wheezy chroot to make sure that the dart executable runs with an old version of glibc.


Updated by Robert Nelson over 3 years ago

Hi Brian,

Do you know dartlang's plan? Are they planning to personally "eventually" push their package to inclusion debian/ubuntu?

Do you have everything setup to test a native *.deb package? (i can queue a test build)


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Updated by Brian DeLacey over 3 years ago

Hi Robert,

I just sent contact info to Jason for several Googlers who might answer questions about their plans on this.

If you queue a build I should be able to test it.

Thanks for looking into this!

Updated by Robert Nelson over 3 years ago

Hi Brian,


Where do you guys host your git tree, i can that too..


Updated by Brian DeLacey over 3 years ago

RYI: Some (later) steps of the build may fail. What matters is that you build the dart executable:

LINK(target) out/DebugARM/dart

That produces the binary you can try on the board:

dart hello.dart

Where hello.dart looks like this:

main () {
print("Hello world!\n");

NOTE: In the past, the glibc on Wheezy was too old. Not sure about Jessie. May be able to try a manual upgrade as suggested here:

Updated by Robert Nelson over 3 years ago

Yeah, i need to fire up a few more chroot's... ;)

I was cloning in on my main armhf system, when i realized openjdk-6 isn't available to build this.. As it is jessie...


Updated by Brian DeLacey over 3 years ago

The openjdk is only required for the Dart Editor, which is not likely something to have as a build goal to run on the BBB.

I'm guessing the Dart debian package as it exists includes the editor? Hmmm, it would be best to have just the core VM / dart executable.

I think the typical usage mode would be to write little Dart programs in a text editor on the BBB (or tweak big programs written elsewhere) and then run them on the BBB.

Any big elaborate Dart applications requiring lots of files and debugging could be developed elsewhere but then run on the BBB.

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