RealTec WiFi and Connection manager (Bug #171)

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Tried the compact USB Realtek RTL8188CUS WiFi Adapter. The proved to be a problem with the BBB provided Connection Manager.
  1. iwlist wlanO scan
    returned something like the "interface does not support scanning"
    Having a Ubuntu installation on a laptop, a test of the RTL8188CUS thereon was problem free. So with an ethernet CONNECT on the BBB
  2. apt-get install network-manager-gnome
    sufficed to replace the Connection Manager, and all was OK with WiFi thereafter. The price is that network-manager-gnome does have several Dependent packages.deb which co-install. Later another solution was accidentally searched out:


Updated by Marvin Stodolsky over 1 year ago

The true problem concerns boot setup as already reported in:
rfkill turns all radios off after boot, regardless of setting before rebooting (Bug #163)

To overcome manually if sufficed to:
$sudo iwconfig
which provided the wifi Channel name, herein just called: wifi
$ sudo rfkill list
$ sudo rfkill unblock 0 (may be different number on your System)
$ sudo ifconfig wifi up
brough wireless function up

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