BBB Locks up when dragging file in File Manager (Bug #49)

Added by Louis McCarthy over 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Status:Resolved Start date:01/16/2014
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Using stock eMMC image, external power supply.

Open File Manager. Left-Click and hold on any file. Move it a fraction of an icon distance. BBB locks up hard.


Updated by Robert Nelson over 4 years ago

Yeah a few gtk apps do this, even some of the applications on the original Angstrom image...

sudo apt-get install gpicview

lxde -> Accessories -> "Image Viewer" - "Open File" -> boot -> Docs -> images -> beagle.png -> Open -> HARDLOCK...

In our weekly call today, the guys with TI where going to look into it, as the board locks HARD... (no debug/etc..)

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Updated by Robert Nelson over 4 years ago

Adding some more notes..

affected kernels:

Tried updating modesetting driver..

Tried enabling kernel debugging/hard lock detection.. No go..

Updated by Louis McCarthy over 4 years ago

I was able to reproduce it on a BBW with an LCD3:A1 (stock 1/10/2014 image)

Nothing was reported to the debug console.

Updated by Robert Nelson over 4 years ago

Just finished testing next... So v3.14-rc0 will have the issue too..

For some reason my version of ti's 3.12 kernel broke, so I haven't been able to test that yet..

Updated by Robert Nelson about 4 years ago

Cody Lacey found one fix for this:

It can still lockup with some apps, but it's less..

Updated by Robert Nelson about 4 years ago

With the workarounds, the dragging is fixed..

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Updated by Bill Traynor almost 4 years ago

Is this still a valid bug?

Updated by Robert Nelson almost 4 years ago

This "should" be fixed by using the "fbdev" driver vs "modesetting" in xorg.conf, this was made default in the offical "2014-04-23" image.

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