Cloud9 IDE preview functionality is broken (Bug #59)

Added by Jason Kridner over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:03/06/2014
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Assignee:Jason Kridner % Done:


Target version:-


Trying to preview an HTML file from the Cloud9 IDE such as:


gives the error:

Server Error !!
404 - standalone Cannot GET /:systemd/vfs/1/preview/extras/bacon_cape/demo_flot.html


Updated by Robert Nelson over 4 years ago

Notice this too in the log window, might just create a symlink on httpd.

Started Apache httpd, serving localhost/extras/bacon_cape/demo_flot.html.
sh: 2: httpd: not found

Updated by Jason Kridner over 4 years ago

I haven't seen the invocation of Apache. I'll try to look for that.

Starting to debug, I see it tries to open 'localhost:systemd' rather than 'localhost:3000' in /opt/cloud9/plugins/c9.preview/preview.handler.js.

This port redefinition is starting to cause some headaches. I might removing all of the environment and config file changes and simply replace the port definition in the call to open the socket for the main server, since that line needed to be patched for systemd anyway.

Updated by Jason Kridner over 4 years ago

I confirmed this worked to enable preview. I need to look at how you build this up with the script so I can send you the changes.

I still haven't seen the Apache/httpd issue.

Updated by Jason Kridner over 4 years ago

Robert, the reason you got THAT error was you attempted to 'run' rather than 'preview'. That seems to be a somewhat related issue that also might be worth fixing.

Updated by Bill Traynor about 4 years ago

Is this still a valid open bug?

Updated by Robert Nelson about 4 years ago

I believe Jason resolved this in the release image?

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Updated by Jason Kridner about 4 years ago

Yes. How do I close the bug?

Updated by Robert Nelson about 4 years ago

Update -> Status -> closed ;)

  • Status changed from In Progress to Closed

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