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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3 elinux.orgFeatureNewNormalAdd a Featured Project to the FrontpageBill Traynor06/04/2013 12:16 pm
5 elinux.orgFeatureNewNormalAdd Forms to pages for table additions.Bill Traynor06/04/2013 02:28 pm
7 elinux.orgFeatureNewNormalFeature and encourage use of mailing lists and integrate into account creation process.Bill Traynor06/04/2013 02:23 pm
9 elinux.orgFeatureNewNormalStyle and announce planet.elinux.orgBill Traynor06/04/2013 12:14 pm
11 elinux.orgFeatureNewNormalDocument the BackUp/Restore procedure.Bill Traynor06/04/2013 02:29 pm
55 BeagleBone BlackBugIn ProgressHighUSB is not capable of handling normal data tranfer ratesRobert Nelson03/07/2014 03:36 pm
63 Debian Image ReleasesBugNewNormalAdd Erlang supportRobert Nelson05/07/2014 07:05 pm
67 Debian Image ReleasesBugFeedbackNormalPHY not detectedRobert Nelson07/16/2014 08:27 pm
69 Debian Image ReleasesBugNewNormalMove to cape-firmware packageRobert Nelson05/07/2014 07:01 pm
83 BeagleBone BlackBugFeedbackNormalrequires to be root to pingRobert Nelson05/18/2014 07:50 pm
85 BeagleBone BlackBugNewHighBBB spuriously shutsdown as if power button is pressedGerald Coley10/16/2015 06:50 pm
87 Debian Image ReleasesBugNewNormalEnable Apache support in Cloud9 IDE06/18/2014 02:55 am
89 Debian Image ReleasesFeatureIn ProgressNormalAdd SGX support11/14/2014 11:45 am
91 Debian Image ReleasesBugNewNormalSimplify USB and Networking Configuration06/23/2014 01:37 am
93 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalkernel panic when unloading overlay06/23/2014 01:48 am
97 BeagleBoard.orgBugIn ProgressNormalv3.14+ PM: push button doesnt shutdown systemRobert Nelson06/25/2014 02:33 pm
99 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalStatic IP DNS06/27/2014 01:56 pm
101 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalProblems with the ftdi_sio kernel module.07/08/2014 06:10 am
103 Debian Image ReleasesBugNewNormalLanguage issueRobert Nelson07/16/2014 08:58 pm
105 Debian Image ReleasesBugNewNormalNetinstaller image path bugRobert Nelson07/27/2014 11:00 pm
107 Debian Image ReleasesBugNewHighfiles /etc/interfaces not used08/21/2014 07:01 pm
109 Debian Image ReleasesBugIn ProgressNormalfiles /etc/interfaces not usedRobert Nelson08/22/2014 10:35 am
111 BeagleBone BlackSupportFeedbackNormalBeagleboardblack Rev C. Software kaputt Robert Nelson08/22/2014 02:51 pm
113 Debian Image ReleasesFeatureNewNormalPackage Dart language with BBB Debian ImageRobert Nelson09/05/2014 02:05 am
115 Debian Image ReleasesBugFeedbackNormalWhen ssh into board a halt -f causes a kernel oppsRobert Nelson09/20/2014 10:53 pm

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