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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
153 Beagleboard-x15BugNewNormalPMIC I2C 2 is floating10/20/2015 05:10 pm
169 BeagleBoard.orgBugNewNormalSensor tag example is out of date and missing critical set up file12/22/2015 02:36 am
167 BeagleBoard.orgBugNewNormalUse of static IP address instead of .local domain name12/22/2015 06:01 pm
149 BeagleBoard.orgBugIn ProgressNormalCloud 9 ide not accessibleRobert Nelson07/23/2015 12:06 pm
97 BeagleBoard.orgBugIn ProgressNormalv3.14+ PM: push button doesnt shutdown systemRobert Nelson06/25/2014 02:33 pm
187 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalrecent printk recursionRobert Nelson12/23/2016 08:41 pm
179 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalCloud9 IDE Markdown preview doesn't work12/05/2016 07:13 pm
157 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalIssue with wkup_m3 ?12/02/2015 11:55 am
155 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalP9.15 has pull conflict10/18/2015 03:23 pm
151 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalUSB A port not useable on recent BBB imageRobert Nelson10/09/2015 09:02 pm
147 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalPlacing a cap on a data pin renders BB unable to bootGerald Coley07/05/2015 11:42 pm
127 BeagleBone BlackBugIn ProgressNormalBBB sudden resetRobert Nelson11/24/2014 06:59 am
111 BeagleBone BlackSupportFeedbackNormalBeagleboardblack Rev C. Software kaputt Robert Nelson08/22/2014 02:51 pm
101 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalProblems with the ftdi_sio kernel module.07/08/2014 06:10 am
99 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalStatic IP DNS06/27/2014 01:56 pm
93 BeagleBone BlackBugNewNormalkernel panic when unloading overlay06/23/2014 01:48 am
85 BeagleBone BlackBugNewHighBBB spuriously shutsdown as if power button is pressedGerald Coley10/16/2015 06:50 pm
83 BeagleBone BlackBugFeedbackNormalrequires to be root to pingRobert Nelson05/18/2014 07:50 pm
55 BeagleBone BlackBugIn ProgressHighUSB is not capable of handling normal data tranfer ratesRobert Nelson03/07/2014 03:36 pm
177 Debian Image ReleasesBugNewNormalPyBBIO is broken for 4.x kernels11/18/2016 12:41 am
173 Debian Image ReleasesBugNewNormalwireless_interface name not stable across bootups, Beaglebone Black08/13/2016 07:01 pm
171 Debian Image ReleasesBugNewNormalRealTec WiFi and Connection manager08/07/2016 02:32 am
165 Debian Image ReleasesBugIn ProgressNormalEthernet over USB is missing USB standard CDC protocolRobert Nelson12/17/2015 08:11 pm
163 Debian Image ReleasesBugIn ProgressNormalrfkill turns all radios off after boot, regardless of setting before rebootingRobert Nelson12/17/2015 03:39 am
161 Debian Image ReleasesBugNewNormalWeb page service discover announcement is missing.12/18/2015 09:41 pm

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